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Forth-Coming Religious Events 2018

Date Event Details Time
13th February, Tuesday Maha Shivratri Shiv Maha Pooja and Bhajans 19:30 – 21:00
1st March, Thursday Holi Holi Pooja from 18:45
25th March, Sunday Ram Navmi Ram Janam 12:00
25th March, Sunday Ram Navmi Honoring Parents & Bhajans 19:30 to 21:30
31st March, Saturday Hanuman Jayanti Hanuman Jayanti celebration 18.45
15th April, Sunday Bhagvat Katha Starts
21st April, Saturday Bhagvat Katha Ends
28th June, Thursday Vat Savitri Poonam Pooja from 7:00
22nd July, Sunday Geeta Recital fom 7:00am
27th July, Friday Guru Poornima Datta Poojan from 19:30
12th August, Sunday Samooh Satya Narayan Katha Katha 9:30
12th August, Sunday Shravan Month – Starts Panchayat Devata Pooja – Daily 18:00
17th August, Friday Sheri Satam Pooja from 07:00
19th August, Sunday Noli Nem Pooja from 07:00
3rd September, Monday Krishna Janmashtami Pooja and Bhajans from 19:00
9th September, Sunday Shravan Month – Last Day Havan 18.00
13th September, Thursday Ganapati Choth Sthapan Pooja 20.00
15th September, Saturday Ganesh Visarjan Procession 15.30
30th September, Sunday Samooh Shanti Havan Havan for Ancestors 10.00
10th October, Wednesday Navratri – Starts Garba – Daily 20.00-22.00
17th October, Wednesday Matani Athem Havan 18.45
24th October, Wednesday Sharad Poonam Garba 20.00-22.00
7th November, Wednesday Diwali
8th November, Thursday Navu Varsh-New Year New Year Havan 05.30
8th November, Thursday Navu Varsh-New Year Annakoot Aarti 12.00
18th November, Sunday Garba for Tulsi Vivah Garba 19.30-21.00
18th November, Sunday Mandir’s 44th Anniversary Flag Hoistng
19th November, Monday Tulsi Vivah Tulsi Vivah 17.00
18th December, Tuesday Geeta Jayanti Recital in Sanskrit (all 18 chapters) from 18;00 onwards



Schedule of Events

Weekly Activities

Day Event Time
Daily Aarti 06:30 and 18:30
Tuesday Vedic Chanting 19:45 – 20:45
Wednesday Gita Classes 19:45 – 20:45
Thursday Bhagwat Classes 19:45 – 20:45
Friday Lakshmi Haven 18:45 – 19:15
Saturday Hanuman Haven 06:45 – 07:15
Sunday Children’s School 09.00 to 11.00






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Temple Address

Lakshmi Narayan Mandir, 44-46 Kingfisher Street, Ext 1, Lenasia, Johannesburg,
Gauteng, South Africa
Presiding Priest: Shree Jaydhevbai Shukla – Telephone Number: 011 854 6372