Health and Healing, a series of articles on the Science of Health and Healing by Dr. Devananda Tandavan


Health and Healing, a series of articles on the Science of Health and Healing by Dr. Devananda Tandavan

Healing is an Inside Job
What may take a lifetime of learning and experiences is readily shared in a series of articles in the document links below by renowned physician and holistic medical practitioner, Dr. Devananda Tandavan.
The 5000-year-old Ayurvedic tradition is based on human spirituality and a life lived in wisdom. In this system, stress is placed on balanced forces of mind and body and on staying well, more than on how to recover from illness. In this series of 103 columns, Dr. Tandavan unfolds in simple and effective and totally practical ways India’s Science of Life. His knowledge and experience in many dimensions will help anyone to live a healthier, happier, and holier life.
Introductory Sample Chapter 1.

This month we introduce a new column on health and medicine by Dr. Devananda Tandavan, a highly-trained physician specializing in radiation diagnosis and therapy, Dr. Tandavan is also familiar with Indian Ayurvedic, Japanese Reiki and Hahnemannian homeopathy medical systems, making him uniquely qualified to address the medical problems of modern people with the best of the new and the best of the old. Things are often not as they seem. This is especially true in the health field and in diet and nutrition. This is a new column on the healing arts and the science of good health.

We intend to explore many of these areas in order to reveal the truth as much as that is possible. Advertising in this field often borders on falsehood, and “seals of approval” may be totally without merit or meaning. The layman cannot be expected to knowledgeably wade through this jungle of misinformation and half-truths to arrive at sound judgements. Indeed, many professionals in the health-care industry do not have sufficient interest or background to give adequate advice on diet and nutrition. We hope to bring some common sense to this subject, in order that you may be able to make intelligent decisions for your health’s sake.

The etiology of dis-ease is very complex. There are illnesses that are karmic in nature, others may be due to environmental pollution, some are infectious in nature, some are due to life style and inadequate nutrition. There are a great many illnesses that are psychological in nature; that is, they are “self-inflicted” or “self-serving.” This does not necessarily imply any pathological condition of the psyche. These conditions are often produced by an ignored or frightened subconscious. In time, it is our intention to investigate and discuss each of these. We firmly believe that health of the body is a natural birthright and can be attained and maintained by most everyone, if they but follow the natural law. No one system of health care, as we know it, has all of the answers; therefore, the approach will be eclectic.

There often are viable alternatives to the conventional allopathic methods [the western “symptom-curing” system]. It is generally accepted that one’s health-care practitioner must be not only scientifically trained but also psychologically attuned to the needs of the patient. In this time, everyone dealing in health care should also be trained in diet and nutrition, which has not been the case in the past. It also behooves each of us to take personal responsibility for our own state of health. Passive submission to another’s care and direction is no longer acceptable. Any disease or illness that is “caused” by the subconscious can also be “cured” by the subconscious which “he” (or “she”) can be directed to do by an act of the will. Since we are in the body to develop our spiritual selves, a healthy and happy body is desirable. There is no need for us to punish the body or mind to expiate some “guilt.” We will learn more about the subconscious and its efforts in subsequent columns. Future columns will discuss stress and its relationship to disease, weight problems and dieting, circumcision and other common, but debatable, medical practices and approaches.

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[Content material with permission and kindness of Himalayan Academy, Hawaii]