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Coordinator – Ramakrishna Vedanta Society (RKVS) – Hall Committee


Hall Maintenance


  • The Ramakrishna Hall is now almost 50 years old and it is, no doubt, in dire need of renovations / upgrade.
  • As part of the initiatives of the Hall Committee, a number of actions have been overseen i.e.
    • historical background of the hall has been done
    • an in-depth swot analysis as well as a documented plan on options available for the a proposed refurbishment structure
    • consultation with key stakeholders including Architects, Past & Current member for views and comments
  • it must further be noted that any refurbishment that is going to be made will take into consideration the needs of the community at large


  • To make this a venue of choice for the community.
  • To give peace of mind to patrons who have hired the hall, by ensuring that all amenities are in working order.
  • To raise our standard of service and facilities.

Maintenance / Renovations

The analysis that was carried out for the refurbishment, highlighted the following:

  • Roof replacement – due to leakage and causing damp walling
  • Electrical – DB box needs replacement
  • Stage and hall lights – look into dimmers
  • Replace present lighting to LED lighting for cost effectiveness
  • Chandelier at entrance
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) for emergency lighting in case of Load Shedding
  • Aircon facilities
  • Extractor for Havans
  • Toilets – build a sets of toilets at the back of the hall to accommodate for additional usage
  • Upgrade to complex:
    • to ensure ease of use and access for the old and disabled
    • Windows
    • Doors
    • Signage
    • Demarcate / enclose foyer from dining area
    • Storage facilities
    • Library

The Hall Committee is currently investigating the overall cost of the above proposed refurbishments

We believe that the Ramakrishna Hall is a hall that is at the service of the community it serves and together we reap the benefits it has to offer. In order that we can meet our objectives, we need the financial support of the community.

There are many able members within our community who can offer their expertise in these fields and a humble appeal is made that you to contact any of the RKVS Membership to offer your gift (bestowed by the Supreme) towards the upliftment of the refurbishment project.