Shri Lakshmi and Lord Narayan are our temple deities. This temple was built and inaugurated in the year 1972.

As Hindus, we strongly believe in the Trinity Gods (Trimoorti-ત્રિમૂર્તિ). In a simplified form, the letters of GOD stands for:

(ઉત્પત્તિ) Generator – (બ્રહ્મા)Brahma

(સ્થિતિ) Operator/Sustainer – (વિષ્ણુ)Vishnu – Vishnu is also known as (નારાયણ or હિર) Narayan or Hari

(લય) Destroyer – (મહેશ)Mahesh/Shiv

The biggest challenge for anyone is always to sustain or maintain something, more particularly in the material world e.g. relationships, business etc. It is much easier to establish something as compared to maintaining a constant plateau. Lord Vishnu/Narayan/Hari is the sustainer of the universe. Therefore, it is Him whom we should worship and ask to sustain every facet of our lives. By worshiping Lord Narayan, we can imbibe this very quality of Narayan and can achieve benefits in the material and spiritual spheres. With Lord Narayan comes Mother Lakshmi. Wherever there is Lord Narayan there is Lakshmi because Lakshmi always only follows Lord Narayan. In our day-to-day life, we need Lakshmi, but only that Lakshmi which has come as Prasad from Lord Narayan. Additionally, Lakshmi does not always mean material wealth.There are different forms of Lakshmi i.e.:

ગુણ લક્ષ્મી (virtues),

વિચાર લક્ષ્મી (thoughts),

જ્ઞાન લક્ષ્મી (knowledge),

સંસ્કાર લક્ષ્મી (ethos),

dઆત્મ લક્ષ્મી (dignity)

All these various forms of Lakshmi can be obtained through worship of Lord Narayan.